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Probe42 is India’s Leading company research platform, specializing in offering extensive data insights on companies in India. Our cutting-edge platform offers access to over 500+ data points on a universe of 2.8 million companies, meticulously collected, curated, analyzed and presented from 740+ verified sources including the MCA, credit rating agencies, LEI, GST, Court Tribunals, and Bureaus.

Our deep data points include detailed financials, such as balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, and ratio analysis. We also offer compliance checks from multiple regulatory sources, information on all directors in India, and legal data including cases related to companies in all major tribunals, high courts, and district courts. Our data is also available through an API for easy integration.

Our services have enabled banks and businesses to make informed decisions and achieve better outcomes through accurate, high-quality data on companies. Our esteemed clientele consists of leading banks, financial services companies, corporations, and auditors across India. Furthermore, our application is extensively utilized by credit, sales, and risk teams. By facilitating timely access to reliable, high-quality data, Probe42 continues to play a crucial role in significantly reducing bad debt in India.

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Gold Partners

Corpository is a full-stack credit lifecycle SaaS platform. It aims to change the way business information is consumed via multiple analytical & data representation tools. Corpository platforms add significant value at each phase of the customer's credit life cycle, from Customer Acquisition, Credit Risk Assessment to Credit Monitoring and Default Prediction. It is an end to end automated platform, where it aggregates structured and unstructured data from various authentic sources, curates and analyzes them, and enables quick data-driven decision-making for business and financial institutions.Over 200 customers actively use Corpository's multiple platforms across industries, such as Banks, NBFCs, Fintech's, Mutual Funds, Credit Rating Agencies, Global Consulting & Auditing Firms, Professionals, Law Firms & Advisory Firms.

EMIS as a part of ISI Emerging Markets Group is a unique one-stop-shop for emerging market industry and company intelligence to support the work of credit and risk professionals, market intelligence and strategic planners, M&A and investment professionals, business development, and research teams. The EMIS platform brings together the best available industry analysis, company intelligence, M&A data and news from premium global providers and reliable local sources, offering deep and broad insight into developments and opportunities in emerging markets. A range of sophisticated screening and analytical tools enables fast and effective discovery and extraction of insight and advanced machine learning techniques aid discovery of the most relevant content for the users.

Credit and risk professionals within investment and commercial banks, financial services, insurers, and large corporations use EMIS to analyse company credit data and financial statements to reduce risk and prepare credit risk reports that involve extending credit or lending money. With more than 10.5 million company profiles, credit and risk teams can quickly compare companies within sector, benchmark key financials stats, access credit quota, companies trend score and financial score tools to make informed decisions.

Monsoon CreditTech is on a mission to revolutionize lending by eliminating inefficiencies in the way lending decisions are made, by leveraging the amazing power of machine learning in specific and artificial intelligence in general. We endeavor to help usher in a world in which every creditworthy borrower has access to adequate amounts of credit and where no lender lends to credit unworthy borrowers due to poor credit decisioning processes, sub-optimal risk models, human biases or lack of access to relevant information. Such a world would maximize economic value for borrowers, lenders and for society as a whole. We would consider ourselves successful if we could help move the needle even a little bit towards such a world.

Incorporated in 2019 and headquartered in Mumbai, Pepper Advantage India offers comprehensive financial services support. The primary business domains of the company encompass Credit Management, and Credit Technologies. While Credit Management involves providing assistance to lenders throughout the entire loan process, Credit Technologies is where the establishment of the company’s technological hub caters to the requirements of banks and the BFSI sector; and Data Analytics, which employs AI/ML methodologies to create tools for real-time risk assessment and strategies for resolution.
Pepper Advantage India has enhanced its capabilities through the acquisition of, a specialized AI-powered credit management software platform based in India.'s flagship product is an AI/ML-driven tool that provides various risk triggers associated with an applicant by analysing loan documents, using socio-demographic and profile-based insights to detect fraud risks and suspicious behaviour prior to credit approval. This acquisition enriches Pepper Advantage's offerings with a predictive, pre-payout credit risk assessment, positioning the company for continued rapid growth. It also aligns with their expansion plans to introduce their AI-driven credit management model across Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Pepper Advantage India distinguishes itself as a sole market player offering end-to-end lending lifecycle. The company’s spectrum of offerings begins with risk assessment at sourcing, extending to a digital platform for customer onboarding, digital collections, tele collections, field collections, legal enforcement, and litigation management platforms.

Silver Partner

finbotsAI is an Accel-portfolio B2B Fintech with a mission of driving financial inclusion with AI-powered credit scoring, helping lenders increase revenues, lend to new markets, and reduce risk.

Our product, creditX, is the world’s first AI-powered, no-code credit scorecard solution. It enables lenders to build, validate and deploy high performance credit models within hours at a fraction of cost of current methods.

Our clients range from Commercial Banks, NBFCs, Fintechs, SME Lenders, Credit Bureaus, and Retail Lenders.

FinbotsAI is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in India, Middle East & Africa. The leadership comprises experienced practitioners in banking, data science & technology.

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Established in 2014, Avati India & Avati UAE, is a niche company providing specialized, critical data & management systems for Banks and Financial Institutions with focus towards India, Middle East, Levant. Our integrated platform, RiskCube©, enables Strategic Functions, Decision Support, Risk Management & Compliance for Banks and Financial Institutions. The platform is seamless and covers system on Ind AS 109 ECL (IFRS 9), Capital assessment, ALM & Balance Sheet Management (Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk), Capital planning ICCAP, RAROC, Market Risk, Bank wide Reporting System including Stress testing, Credit Modelling & hosting platform. Avati is a unique cusp of strong domain knowledge, product design, technology platform and implementation capability, its core team having worked with leading banks and financial institutions.

Our purpose is to inspire trust for a more resilient world. At BSI, our mission is to share knowledge, innovation, and best practice to help people and organizations make excellence a habit. BSI's commitment to excellence and its role in shaping best practices have established it as a trusted partner for businesses and governments worldwide, promoting resilience, compliance, and progress. This is underpinned by our role as the national standards body and through our prestigious Royal Charter.

For more than a century we have been challenging mediocrity and complacency to help embed excellence into the way people and products work. That means showing businesses how to improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth. As a global leader in helping organizations improve, our clients range from high profile brands to small, local companies in 193 countries worldwide.

Credgenics is the leading provider of Loan Collections and Debt Resolution technology platform to Banks, NBFCs, HFCs, FinTechs, and ARCs worldwide. The AI-powered SaaS-based platform has been recognized twice as the #1 Best Selling Loan Collections Platform by IBSi in their Annual India SLT 2022 and 2023. Credgenics digitizes and automates end-to-end retail loan collections lifecycle with digital collections, integrated omni-channel communications, dialers, litigation management, digital payments, mobile-based field collections, dashboards, and collections analytics. Credgenics works with 100+ customers and touched an overall loan book worth USD 60Bn in FY23. It handles 11Mn retail loan accounts and sends 60Mn digital communications every month. With Credgenics, lenders have increased resolution rates by 20%, improved collections by 25%, reduced collections costs by 40% and collections time by 30%, and improved legal efficiencies by 60%.

M.B.A. Consulting India is an innovative debt collection agency with a wide range of call center services and digital solutions. We focus on three key businesses: credit management service, investment projects, debt recovery solutions for common people.

M.B.A. Consulting India is a part of MBA Consult Group, a global player in the NPL management market. The Group cooperates with more than 500 corporate clients worldwide, has more than 70 million unique debtors at work, and has already helped 7 million people to solve their financial problems, over $6 billion of assets under the management and $1,8 billion returned to clients.


Amukha is a FinTech company with a focus on analytics of structured and unstructured data. We are a B2B technology product company and our expertise lies in mining, analyzing, and representing structured and unstructured data sets. Our end customers are financial institutions like Banks, NBFCs, MFIs, hedge funds, and AMCs.
The flagship B2B product of Amukha is called “Risk Analytics System (RAS)” which helps lenders in drawing and evaluating the risk profile of their borrowers. RAS is a comprehensive analytical solution that addresses a) FIs need of picking up the bad investment at the earliest and acting on them and b) screening the new client applications at the start thus minimizing the fraudulent risk. The RAS consists of a bouquet of products covering a) news, price, and fundamental data for key asset classes and b) detailed analytics at portfolio, sector, and framework levels.

Networking Partners

ProBuddy Software Solutions is a leading system integrator in the space of GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance), AML/KYC (Anti-Money Laundering/ Know Your Customer) and help organizations to be more Agile with Digital Transformation.

We cover all areas related to Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Crime Compliance, GRC and Emerging Risks for banks BFSI, Telecom, Digital, high-tech, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Companies etc. globally.

ProBuddy has evolved into a trusted partner to many global companies across multiple industries. We help them to achieve scalability, increased efficiency, and operational agility by aligning their business objectives with the most efficient, economical, and best-in-class technology solutions and services.

Risk Hawk is an advanced Risk Management platform for managing Integrated Risk Management, ERM, TPRM & Internal Audit 360 solution. It empowers organizations to identify, assess and mitigate risks while streamlining internal audits.

With features like risk-based planning, automated workflows, elegant dashboards, predefined checklists, risks & controls and real-time reporting, Risk Hawk enables proactive decision-making.

Serving clients in banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Risk Hawk ensures resilience, compliance, and continuous improvement through enhanced Internal Audit, ERM and optimized TPRM. Experience a comprehensive and efficient solution for robust risk management with Risk Hawk.

Risk Hawk received awards from Capterra for “Best Value” & “Best Ease of Use” Solutions for Integrated Risk Management, GRC, Incident Management, Document Management. Risk Hawk has been rated 4.7 out 5 on Gartner platforms viz. Capterra, Software Advice & Get App Platforms. Customers have rated Risk Hawk 4.8 out of 5 on Gartner for customer service.